The Ross Barkley Situation.

It’s a story that has been developing for a few months now. Everton manager Ronald Koeman told us a couple of months back that is Ross Barkley doesn’t sign a new contract by the end of the season then he will be sold. His contract runs out at the end of next season and Koeman doesn’t want the headache of his contract next season. But he has a bigger headache at the moment.

The season finished a week ago and there is still no news. I wouldn’t take the newspapers into account. A couple of papers have been linking him with West Ham today. Hence why I take every story with a pinch of salt. I’ll believe anything to do with the situation when the club or the manager address it.

A statement was supposed to be made about the situation last week, but Everton being Everton, that didn’t happen. So it seems to suggest that Barkley hasn’t made up his mind yet or he has been avoiding the issue. It’ll be a relief for everyone involved when an announcement has been made. Whether that be him leaving the club or signing a new contract.

Now I’m an Everton fan so I am writing with blue tinted glasses on somewhat. But I honestly don’t get why he’d want to leave. Yes he’s been linked with Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham, but he won’t get in their starting line ups. I think it could have something to do with him not getting selected for England. But the reason he hasn’t been getting selected is not because he plays for Everton. The reason that he hasn’t been getting selected is because he doesn’t have consistent runs of form very often. Just when he looks like he could be getting into the manager’s thoughts for international duty, his form slumps.

Everton seem to be on the brink of something. With Farhad Moshiri, a new shirt sponsorship deal and a new stadium on the horizon, you’d think that would be a reason for him to stay. Then of course there’s the fact that he’s a blue and has been all his life. So why the delay? Some have suggested it could be a wages issue. Supposedly his contract offers him £100,000 per week. For a player that has still to live up to the clear potential that we can all see he has, that shouldn’t be an issue for him. Could it be his agent looking at the Lukaku situation?

Barkley has told the manager that he wants Champions League football. Shouldn’t he be one of the players to help Everton qualify for the Champions League. I don’t think he’s ready for Champions League football yet personally. He needs to sort his league form out first.

Whatever the reason or reasons may be for Ross Barkley not announcing what he wants, contract or a move away, it’s not fair. It’s not fair for Everton Football Club and it’s fans to have to wait for so long when he should have made his mind up already.

I can’t wait until this is all over and done with, whatever way that the situation may go. Only when the Ross Barkley situation is finished with then can Everton can solely focus on players that can be brought in during the summer transfer window.

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