I just turned 40 and it was pretty decent

But I didn’t have any epiphanies or midlife crises yet

This is 40.
Me with a Susiecakes cupcake with one of those IKEA tea lights on top. Notice how zeroed in my daughter is on that cupcake.

This is 40. You wake up and your favorite football club, Liverpool FC, is losing to a club that was relegated just 1 year ago. So you turn off the TV and you get dressed in your workout clothes and go get on a spin bike, like you’ve been doing regularly for the past 2 months, because it makes you feel great to go.

I no longer live in Marin, but that’s where my favorite teacher leads classes on Saturdays, so I went over there for a treat for my 40th birthday.

After class, it’s coffee. You started drinking your coffee with whole milk because it feels decadent to do that. No more 2% for you. Bring on the whole cow.

You starting drinking your coffee with whole milk because it feels decadent.
Look at that whole milk in there.

Then you go to Susiecakes to get cookies for your shared birthday party with your kid, because the place you’re going for her party provides cupcakes with too-sweet icing, and Susiecakes is your favorite bakery.

Today is a day for sweets from your favorite bakery.
Everything in this case is amazing. Susiecakes is my favorite bakery in the bay area.

(Yes, I did say “shared birthday.” I gave birth to our daughter on my birthday, so now we share our birthday. I like to say the day she was born was my strangest birthday party ever, but with the best present at the end.)

I gave birth to our daughter on my birthday, so now we share our birthday.

We usually each pick something to do on 2 different days, and do them both together. So when your kid chooses a party at Children’s Fairyland in Oakland for her day, you put on your party hat and go to fairyland.

Our kid loves this place.

So you go to the puppet show, and the carousel, and your kid gets featured in the magic show, and that makes her really happy, which makes you really happy, too.

She’s spinning that ball like a harlem globetrotter.

And suddenly you’re having a lot of fun with the other kids and parents even though you’re at an amusement park for kids. Then you break out the Susiecakes cookies and everyone has too much sugar and gets too much sun and as a result the whole group starts getting really silly. Especially your kid.

I’m in love with these cookies. And this guy. Not in that order.

Then everyone starts sliding down this grass hill and you decide to roll down it too. Because why not? It’s your birthday, too.

I’m so glad I didn’t get hurt doing this, because I really picked up speed there for a minute.

Before you know it, the party’s over, and you have to start thinking about dinner for your family. Thank goodness your favorite burmese restaurant opens in 20 minutes and you can get takeout.

You shouldn’t go here. No seriously. Avert your eyes.

After placing your order, there’s just enough time for you to head up the street.

Walking anywhere is more fun when you’re wearing green swarovski crystal-encrusted sneakers.
Yes, I wore my sparkle shoes.

Because you need more coffee.

I don’t always drink two coffees in one day, but when I do, I order them both with whole milk. Mooooo.

You need that coffee because it’s Dreamforce season, and you’ve got to spend a couple of hours reading content for Trailhead, because you’ve got a deadline Monday.

It was really hard to read with all these black lines over the text. I don’t know what the writer was thinking.

But once that’s done, your daughter puts a tea light from IKEA on yet another cupcake from Susiecakes for you, and sings happy birthday, and your heart melts.

She’s not fooling me with that smile. She is trying to steal my Susiecakes. Girl has good taste.

After she goes to sleep, you have wine, and you choose Rosé because it reminds you of summer in SoCal. And you toast with your adorable spouse, who falls asleep after half a glass because it’s been a long day.

Rosé is such a summertime favorite of mine.

And though you don’t feel wiser, or really any older, you feel content and happy, and most of all, full of gratitude for all the little and big joys that fill your life.

This is 40.

Thanks for reading.

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