Don’t Rong it Down My Throat

Today I woke up to discover that Mamata Di has undertaken to clean up the one color that much of India is covered with — Saffron. She wants India painted in a multihued, psychedelic, lurid secularism.

Her first brushstroke on the canvas was replacing Ramdhanu রামধনু (rainbow) with Rongdhanu রংধনু in children’s textbooks.

The word Ramdhanu had the offensive sounding, totally unscientific “Ram” which carries a communal stink. Rong, which means color, on the other hand, spurs imagination, is scientifically valid, and has the fragrance that even the voters of Abrahamic faiths could be convinced to tolerate.

I salute Mamata Di. I also salute thousands on social media who have joined her effort in cleaning India of all traces of its ugly Hindu past by their posts with the tag #ReplaceRamWithRong.

I have also decided to make a small contribution to this effort.

To help you write marvellous essays, stories, and opinion pieces with Rongified or Ramified text, I have created three resources.

Have fun!

All words beginning with Ram

All words containing Ram

All words containing Rong