Great Set of Genes

Each species that survived the eons of catastrophes and insults that ravaged this planet has a story to tell.

Not only did those species have characteristics that helped them scrape through the last disaster, they and their ancestral species also had the capabilities to survive countless other disasters before that. All of them possessed at least a smidgen of genes which could help them tide over the last crisis and then proliferate those as a new variant of the species.

This means for being able to live through the eons, we need, not just the genes which make us good now but also a few that will allow us to survive the future crises. Some of those genes that we carry currently may be quite useless to us right now, but their presence or absence could determine our continuity, even if as a different species.

All of us members of the species existing presently on earth, can congratulate each other on a truly great set of genes — genes that are not just good enough for now, they have served us well in the past. We truly are the lucky ones.

The similarity between genes that we carry to meet future crises and the politicians who have to carry in their armamentarium the credentials to address the future expectations of the constituencies is quite stark to me. A budding politician has to say and do certain things that are appealing to his local constituents. What he says now, however, may not be so appealing at the state level. But if has done even a few things in the past which are in keeping with the state’s well being as a whole, he can start harping on those when he reaches the stage in which the state is his constituency. However, he may in the process be doing most things which may run contrary to the appeal of the nation as a whole. And yet again when he comes to that stage, he will need to rummage through his past to find things that he can claim were always the right ones for the country as a whole. Only a lucky few are given such opportunities and have the right mix of doings to fall back upon as their ‘crises’ change.