I Wish President Trump Would …

My hopes and expectations from a rare president who is in a position to do some really bold things

I made no secret of my opposition to the idea of Donald J. Trump becoming the US president.

This is what I said when he was nominated by the Republican Party to be their presidential candidate:

As opposed as I was to Trump, I did support some of his ideas, which he loudly declared during his campaign. One of these was, complete isolation of countries that had even a shadow of a support for Islamic terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism.

This is what I said, about my support for his anti-Islamic position:

[The other part of his plank that I support, by the way, is to bring a complete stop to illegal immigration.]

Now why am I telling you this? Only to establish that I am not ideologically driven. And since I am reasonable man, I must embrace all that I think will benefit America, the world, and India. I must therefore, beforehand, declare what I think Trump must do for me to turn into a supporter. I must declare the scale by which I will measure him. I believe each one of us should undertake this exercise, rather than let our expectations flail in the wind, and allow us to become a prey of our own biases, or worst based on our prejudices allow us to lie about our earlier stance. By stating your expectations, you deny yourself the opportunity to lie.

This is exactly what I did. A couple of weeks before Trump got sworn in, I laid down my “manifesto” for Trump presidency, in a series of tweets. Since President Trump is a very unique president (he holds no real allegiance to even the Republican Party on whose platform he won, and only has contempt for the Democratic Party), he can do a few things that would be unthinkable for other traditional president, no matter how popular he/she is.

The “Manifesto” — My Expectations from President Trump

So without much ado, here is the list of my expectations:

I will be basing my assessment of the Trump tenure based on this list of expectations. Please note, I have expressed my wishes in a series of tweets, which unlike this Medium post, cannot be modified. This is to ensure that I do not “shift the goalposts”.

Please feel free to add to this list. Just remember, only bold initiatives that an unaffiliated, unbeholden president can undertake.