Rant of the Day (ROTD) 27/11/15

Ramachandra Guha penned a story about his recent trip to Bangladesh (Link at the bottom). The Cleric (PBUH) made some comments, on twitter, in response to Guha’s observations, which we document here along with some additional thoughts and explanation.

Myth of Islam bowing to Culture

Ah, the Liberals and the “Liberals”!

They both love mythology, and they love myths. They love creating them, and spreading them. Some myths they love so much, they dwell in them.

One such myth is that Islamism recedes when confronted by culture. It is sought to be conveyed that non-Islamic cultural forces are more powerful than the Islamic ones. (Sure, this statement is not central to Guha’s piece, but dropping such assertion in a casual manner, as if they were universally accepted truth, belies a mindset, which must be challenged. More about this later)

It’s a dream world. A world in which everyone finds a happy niche; religion does its thing in its corner, leaving the center stage for culture and commerce to do theirs.

Most religions have reached a more-or-less stable equilibrium with the other affairs of mankind. Islam is not one of them. It is even unlikely that we will ever discover such a copacetic equilibrium with Islam. So Islam remains the enfant terrible of world religions, willing to destroy all in its path to get what it wants. And what it wants is domination of the world, of all men, women and children, their minds, bodies and souls, and their assets. Everything.

Islam is designed to irretrievably change what it comes to own, and to destroy what it cannot possess. It is designed to spread by all means possible. Not just that, once it has occupied a territory, or a niche, it is designed to be impossible to dislodge, at least not by peaceful means.

So in a modern world full of aversion of killing, and in democratic societies full of humane concerns, Islam will only advance, never retreat. The world is too soft to fend off its assault.

Constitution is where the buck stops. In competitive politics, when politicians are constantly trying to score brownie points, a politician will, sooner or later, point to the constitution and say, “I am the true follower of the faith that our constitution wants us to believe in. You are not”. Or, “I am more Muslim than you are, therefore I am more faithful to the constitution and country too”. It is also quite likely that the constitution gets progressively diluted until it begins to resemble Sharia. Sharia, after all , is an immovable force, and if Mohammad cannot go to the mountain, the mountain must come to him.

Showing loyalty for a religion is far easier than doing something concrete for the people and the country. Soon it will be an Islam-ier-than-thou race between the politicians because constitution sanctifies this easy race. Pakistan is a living example of this.

I wish I could conclude differently but this is the only conclusion I can make. Unless globally Islam is beaten back, Bangladesh’s fate is more less sealed.

Hypocrisy of the Fiberal — Celebrating the Bangals While Sneering at the Baniyas

Hypocrisy may be the defining characteristic of the present day Indian liberals. They have taken to it so insidiously that they do not even realize how illiberal they have become. Not for no reason are they referred to as fiberals or “liberals” (in quotes).

Since their agenda reigns so dominantly over their minds, hypocrisy seems like an effortless and the right way to behave to them. Often it is by casually slipping in an assertion as a part of an entirely different argument. It’s not quite like scoring the goal itself, but more setting up the play to make make scoring of a future goal easier.

Even as we attack the falsehoods the fiberals nakedly champion and propagate, this automatic granting of the “common-sense truism” status to falsities also must be picked up and challenged.

Often their hypocrisy is revealed in doublespeak. Like in this instance:

The Indian right wing supporters, many of whom are now engineers, doctors and professionals, are often derided by the fiberals because their language doesn’t show them to be adequately schooled in things like poetry, literature, art and history. They are treated simply as an extension of the crude Hindu Baniya class, veritable philistines that have been historically ridiculed by the elite. They, the Baniyas, are not sufficiently imbued with the ethos of the refined (Incidentally, that’s the other trait of fiberal — elitism masquerading as liberalism). As a result, what the Baniyas say and what they achieve is only worthy of contempt. Or equally likely, what they say simply doesn’t register, or gets dismissed since it is not expressed in the language of the “civilized”.

Much to the chagrin of people like Guha, the rest of the world recognizes these low-brows also as intellectuals. Many of the same “Hindu Baniya” class are some of the top entrepreneurs of the world, and many are the leading lights of institutions around the world. It will be worth reminding the fiberals of this fact when they dutifully line up to offer their obeisance before the next millionaire tech entrepreneur they meet.

The selective filter is dispensed with when dealing with a class that is not your political enemy.

Link to the Article by Guha: