How do I Find Real Leaders?

How do you find real leaders?! You don’t. You create them.
And how do you create them?!?! Janelle Summers is here to share with you that it doesn’t start with someone who was a born-leader. It starts with you. 
First things first, Janelle reminds us that she didn’t start out understanding everything about Beachbody. She didn’t have a vision. She began by learning, by growing herself, and THEN she created a vision. And she teaches everyone that comes to her business to educate themselves first!

Ever heard the, “You can’t do this!” voice? 
How about the, “You can do ANYTHING!” 
Self-doubt and overinflated expectations are in everyone, and Janelle helps to level the playing field. Her individualized approach builds leaders everyday, and equips them with everything they need to build their own leaders.
Then, Janelle has a specific set of steps she takes with each new coach, and lucky for you, she shares them!! (Spoiler alert: it’s not about winning prizes.) It’s about noticing people, raising their bar, and inspiring them to take ownership!
Dive in and watch how Janelle has learned to create some of the top leaders in Beachbody history!

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