How To Use a Mentor

Complaining that you don’t have enough time to build your business? Or spending SO much time learning how to build our business that you never actually build your business?!

It’s common to want to know everything prior to taking the big leap. We all think that if we can just know the business FIRST that it will guarantee our success. The truth is that I am still learning things about this business and how to run my own unique business all the time! So before you go to your upline coach or your mentor to ask every question you can possibly think of, think about how you can begin to take ACTION for yourself.

I had a wonderful mentor. But I didn’t bring him all my questions every week and wait for him to fill in MY blanks. I researched the answers to my own questions and took action MYSELF. This process didn’t always yield the results I was looking for, but it gave me something to TALK with my mentor about. He taught me how to tweak my methods and respected my self-motivation!

As a mentor to hundreds of coaches, I am drawn to the people who go out and apply what I teach and THEN come back to me with questions and concerns. You don’t need reassurance before you take every single new step in business. It’s scary the first few times, but once you get the hang of it, you will learn how to use your mentor!

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