“It’s only a failure if you quit.”

This is probably the biggest question I get as a coach, and it’s the number one reason that people succeed or don’t succeed. It’s the deciding factor.

What’s the difference between making it and giving up?


It’s the decision to never. Never. Never. Quit.

It’s not about gifts, intelligence, or skills. It’s not about how blessed you are or what you think you’re capable of.

It’s about resolve.

Mindy Lawhorne knows what it feels like to “go through the fire”, the struggle of having jobs, losing jobs, and eventually relying on her solid resolve to get her through. It hurts! It’s hard! And what she want to impart upon those in her own team is that she wasn’t born with resolve. She chooses it, every day. She still fights her own doubt, she still struggles through the no’s, but it’s her resolve that keeps her going.

Other people’s words can often be the greatest shakers of our resolve. People who think your ideas are dumb, your dreams are unrealistic, are often the same people who aren’t living the lives THEY want to be living. “And you’re gonna take suggestions from them?!” You have to set your own intention, create your own positive surroundings, and CHOOSE your own resolve. Mindy and Jimmy both have awesome ideas about how to do that, but the number one suggestion? Find your people! Surround yourself with the people you want to be. Don’t quit! Because eventually, you will get over the proverbial hump, and you’ll look back and be thrilled with your success! Tune in and enjoy all the juicy tidbits of motivation and joy that Jimmy and Mindy bring to you in this video!

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