Movie Review: John Wick-Chapter 2

John Wick: Chapter 2 released February 10 2017.

Rating: 5/5

Sequels can be tricky. Put in too much, and the audience wonders ‘Why didn’t they do this in the first one?’ too little and they think ‘Meh, the series isn’t fresh anymore.’ John Wick-Chapter 2 however, is an excellent example of how to strike a balance.

At the end of the first film, John manages to re-acquire one of the two things that were taken from him. A dog. This film begins with him successfully re-acquiring the second item (his car) in true John Wick fashion. With a lot of blood and bullet casings strewn across the floor. Just as John begins his retirement anew, he is approached by the man who helped him escape the world of violence. John is asked to repay his ‘debt’, and John refuses. Soon afterwards, John’s house is burnt to the ground as a consequence. And we all know how John gets when you mess with his personal belongings.

Chapter 2 succeeds in not only continuing the trend of making cliches look good, but also expanding the world and mythology of John Wick in a manner that seems very organic. Each character has their own intrigue, no matter how small the role. And one feels like knowing everyone’s story and not just John’s. The action and stunt-work is as immaculate as can be expected. The Catacombs sequence followed by John’s fight with Cassian (Common) epitomizes the franchise’s unique blend of Gun-fu and close-quarters combat. Watch it for the action, the world-building, the on-screen re-union of Neo and Morpheus, and for the anticipation of part-3.