Series Review: House of Cards Season 5

Rating: 3.5/5

The one line blurb for this season would be — ‘A predictable script, backed by powerful performances.’

I wish I could say the same about the current political climate in USA. It’s true, that the reality the World currently inhabits will give any Political Drama worth it’s salt a good run for it’s money in terms of straining the boundaries of credulity. But I digress.

Keeping things focused on the new Season, I have to say that the political maneuvering as shown this time around doesn’t disappoint with it’s shock value, but, unlike the previous seasons, you can see where things are heading several miles out. If you’re really into the series then you can probably predict the final moments of episode 13 in the first-half of episode 1. Be that as it may, the journey towards the predictable destination is still entertaining.

Season 5 retains that addictive quality that makes you wanna binge the entire season in one night. New characters have been introduced that can still make your skin crawl with their easy smiles and dead eyes (one seemingly sickly woman in particular) and some of the old guard receive the tender, loving care of the Underwoods. By far the main-stay is the evolving dynamic between Frank and Clair, and all I wanna say about it, is that Claire may be Lily-White, but she’s white with a subtle shade of carmine.

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