Bus driver is understandably miserable.

52y/o Steve Bean, bus driver, breaks his silence.

In an exclusive interview, Steve Bean, a 52 year old bus driver from Sheffield has broken his lifelong silence on his profession. In a lengthy monologue, explaining exactly why bus drivers are miserable as sin, he confessed the main reason for the bus drivers’ terrible woe is the general public; “They’re ALL arseholes! Every one of them. If they’re not rude then they stink. If they don’t stink then they put their filthy feet all over the seats. If they don’t put their feet on the seats then they’re complaining about ticket prices. If they’re not complaining then they’re drink and pissing themselves. If they’re not pissing their pants then they’re obnoxious kids that run up and down the gangway. If they’re not awful children then they’re O.A.P’s that stand talking to you while you’re trying to make it through rush hour traffic without losing your mind. I hate every one of them!”

Steve, getting rather emotional about it all, confessed; “I never wanted to be a bus driver. NOBODY wants to be a bus driver, but it’s where life took me.” We talked to a bus passenger, Jackie Borr, and asked if she thought bus drivers had a hard time of it, to which she said; “Err, no! What do they do all day except drive around? I could do that, no problem.” When asking if she thought the job might be more stressful then she imagined she added; “I hope it is stressful for ‘em, they’re evil bastards anyway, there’s nobody worse then bus drivers!”

Steve told us that despite his plight he would continue to do his job, but never to the best of his ability. He vowed to continue being impolite. He pledged to continue closing the doors on passengers about to board the bus, and drive away without looking back. He’d continue to not give a damn about overcharging passengers. The reason? We quote; “Because somebody needs to keep the plebs in their place. And I’m the only man that can do it. The only one on the no.36 bus at least.”