We’re hiring! Are you our new Concept and partnership developer?

Malmö, Sweden — Final application date: November 10th

From The Conference 2017. Photo: www.jesperberg.se

The Conference is a two-day conference where 1500 people gather to explore the complexity that digital brings upon society. It’s also a one-week festival of 60 additional events organized together with the local community, attracting another 3500 participants to workshops, field trips, dinners and festivities. While the former, being the main event, has attracted wonderful people from all over the world for the past seven years, the side event program is quickly evolving towards becoming the main thing itself.

From The Conference 2017. Photo: www.jesperberg.se

Job description

Now we’re looking for someone who wants to take the lead to further grow and develop the side event program — or dare we say — festival program. It’s a role in which you will meet a lot of people, develop kickass concepts and form new partnerships together with great Malmö initiatives from different spheres. You’ll be joining a small but dedicated team where everyone has their own specific responsibilities but work closely together to create the most brilliant, loving and lasting experience.

You have no trouble in moving between worlds or industries and see the value of connecting the world of arts and culture with the innovation and business sphere. Maybe you’re a process leader with experience in leading a project from nothing to a world class something, or maybe you just believe that you have the energy and capability to be a part of bringing The Conference to new grounds and make the context relevant to more people.

Your main responsibilities will be to

  • Develop kickass concepts for knowledge sharing, contemplation and networking/friend-making
  • Plan and implement those concepts together with partners and a production planner
  • Seek out, initiate and maintain partnerships
  • Seek out, initiate and maintain sponsorships

We think you have

  • The energy to take on a big responsibility
  • Experience in creating context and formats for great content
  • Understanding and experience of how business works
  • The ability to work towards long-term as well as short-term goals at once
  • Great socializing skills
  • A curiosity and understanding of our time and what to come
  • An interest in the world of culture and arts and an eagerness to make it a bigger part of the business world

Working with this kind of project means a long planning process followed by an intense production period. You need to be able to cope with both.

Where: Malmö, Sweden
When: Asap
What: Developing the festival program of The Conference (Full-time employment)
Working language: English and/or Swedish

If this sounds like fun to you, get in touch with aurora@mediaevolution.se. Give a short description of yourself, what you’re good at and why you’re interested in joining The Conference. The sooner the better but no later than November 10. (If you see this after November 10, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re always looking for fabuloso people)

About The Conference

The Conference has attracted international attention for being one of the most thought-provoking and well-designed conferences on digitalization, society and business in Europe. It is a super curated knowledge experience organized by Media Evolution annually in Malmö, Sweden. During one week (two conference days / five side events days) we explore complexity and trends in the digital world. In short, it’s all about human behavior, new technology and how to make things happen.

Watch previous talks in our video archive :).

From The Conference 2017. Photo: www.jesperberg.se



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