Woman kicked down stairs in Berlin metro by what appear to be migrants

Another German Police Coverup

Once again the authorities deem it in the public’s best interest to hide the facts

Last week the German public learned the details about the brutal rape of a 19 year old student by a migrant in Freiburg.

Unfortunately, it appears that the authorities in that case chose to suppress information from the public. Likewise, it has become known that the police were involved with a massive cover up of over 1000 sexual assaults by migrants on New Year’s Eve in Cologne.

Now the public has learned that the same logic was applied in the case of a brutal attack in a Berlin U-Bahn. The attack has gone viral, showing a group of what appear to be migrants walking up behind a women in the U-Bahn at Hermannstrasse station. One of the four men walks up behind her and kicks her in the back, sending her tumbling down the stairs to land face-first on the platform below. The others watch emotionless, while one grabs a beer off the ground before leaving.

Berlin media report that the 26-year-old woman broke her arm during the fall.

Video of attack that the German police sat on for 6 weeks

The Berliner Zeitung first reported on the video, and the police have since released it to the public. Six weeks after the attack occurred! The excuse for not releasing the video to the public before, according to police, is that pictures are only published when all other search possibilities are exhausted.

And yet it appears that information about attacks on ethnic Germans are being systematically suppressed. And efforts to prosecute the criminals deprioritized.

In this case, two private businessmen offered thousands of Euros as a reward to track down the perpetrators, and since then one of the men in the video has been identified according to Spiegel magazine. Investigators say they are working to identify the others.

What’s not clear is if any of this would have come to light if the Berliner Zeitung hadn’t made the CCTV footage public. Apparently, the first reaction of the police was to push to prosecute the person responsible for the “leak.”

And far from being an isolated occurrence, these shocking crimes are becoming a daily occurrence.

Since Merkel’s government has let in millions of migrants from the Middle East and Africa, crime rates have been skyrocketing and acts of random violence have become more and more frequent.

The German government’s only response seems to be to step up criticism of the AfD, the only party that wants to fix things — as well as the only party that threatens the establishment’s stranglehold on power. Some members of government think their priority should be putting the AfD under surveillance.

Confront the problems of multiculturalism, criminality and out-of-control migration? Apparently not on the agenda.

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