Nice! “Die Linke” of Germany are showing their true colors

Voter placard for the extreme left Linke hanging in one of Germany’s “no go” zones

Isn’t it great when the extreme left gets so arrogant that they just start advertising their honest views?

Berlin has elections just around the corner and Die Linke party is looking to increase its base. Die Linke means literally “the left” in German, so you can’t accuse them too much of deceptive advertising. Now they’re letting it all hang out.

Currently polling in Berlin at around 16%, and 9% nationally, they seem to be in a bit of a rut, always in the background, but never really increasing their share of the vote. Guess they’re trying to change that. This poster from the district of Neukölln appears to show two Turks giving the Communist or Antifa salute. Nice one. Very patriotic.

Note the high fashion deemed appropriate in some circles. The Islamic head scarf, along with denim and dark T-shirts. Perfect for the fight. Whether your thing is Sharia law or mass immigration, or if you are just against the excesses of Western values and liberal democracies, it is good to know, Die Linke, they are right there fighting with you.

None of this is very surprising. Die Linke is a direct offshoot of Erich Honecker’s East German ruling Socialist Unity Party (SED). They say they are no longer officially a Marxist-Leninist party, so they prefer not to be judged as extremists, although looking at their immigration policies, one might be inclined to differ.

What they can say in their defense, is that the number of left-leaning parties in Germany has increased so radically of late, that their views aren’t that out of sync with the parties actually in power. As the left wing Guardian points out:

Angela Merkel has placed her CDU, formerly known as a conservative party, a little left of centre and she is still well-respected because her politics are perceived as distinct and consistent.

I few months have passed since those lines were written, and I wonder if that many people respect Merkel any more than anyone respects Clinton. They’re just kind of two girls who got the reigns of power, and the left wing who support them don’t know where to turn. And the conservatives who still support Merkel? Either brain dead zombies who just pull a lever in the voting booth every four or five years, or globalists.

All that means is that Die Linke has to take more extreme measures to differentiate itself. After all, what’s a poor little leftist German party to do?

& beyond all that, please do:

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