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The ‘Trump is abusive to women’ one seemed to fail the first two times it got trotted out in in the GOP nominating process.

I guess the ‘not fit to be in charge of the nuclear codes’ didn’t work as well as they had wanted, otherwise they would have stuck with it.

Then the Trump is very ‘Dark’ meme didn’t really take off in spite of being repeated endlessly by the MSM after the GOP convention .

Then the ‘basket of deplorables’ ended up kind of back firing. Just sounded to darn cute.

So now we are back to the first one, with accusations of Trump groping a woman on a plan 30 years ago. Or another at a concert decades back.

Bill Clinton is accused of raping multiple women. Hillary destroying those women, among others who go in her way. Destroying. Trump is accused of groping multiple women. Maybe it will work this time.

If it doesn’t, nuclear codes is the next one on the list.

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