This Can’t Be Good For Hill

Liberal Marin County California and all I’ve seen are Bernie for President yard signs and bumper stickers

There must be a few signs out there for Hillary, but I haven’t spotted one in three days. They certainly don’t jump out at you. Lots of Bernie 2016 bumper stickers and even a few yard signs though.

And this in the heart of liberal la-la land. Spin it how you want, but I see it as just one more indication the enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton is hovering around zero while Trump is filling up stadiums twice a day. Goes back to what I wrote weeks ago, people love Trump, but no one likes Hillary.

Of course here on Medium some of you are just thrilled by the idea of four more years of stagnant growth, rising crime, and the endless foreign wars of the Obama administration. Sorry if you end up being disappointed.

I say Trump wins by a landslide and we’re going to see economic growth and prosperity for the next four years like we haven’t seen since Reagan beat Carter.

& beyond all that, please do:

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