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Statements repeated often enough can become “truth” to anyone who chooses to accept information without checking the truth of such statements. This situation can get worse when facts become irrelevant to those who merely pass on information simply because someone said something that seems right.

  • “God helps those who help themselves.”
  • “Handling frogs will result in having warts.”
  • “Poinsettias are lethal.”
  • “Hydrogen Peroxide helps heal wounds.”
  • “Cracking your knuckles will result in having arthritis in your hands.”
  • “The direction of water flow in a toilet will change whether you are in the northern or southern hemisphere.”
  • “George Washington had wooden false teeth.” …

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Trust, respect, and confidence. Three character attributes to which I and others should aspire to earn. To earn these requires time. However, when we have demonstrated ourselves to be worthy of earning each of these attributes through our consistent principled lifestyle, the trust is likely to be long lasting.

Similarly, albeit short lived, trust and respect can be positional. That is, others can trust and respect you simply because a position, by protocol, includes these attributes. Examples include teachers, the Office of the President, coaches, parents, etc. …

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Know your audience, the culture in which they work, and what they expect. A great speaker communicates well by effectively interrelating with the audience. Ron interacts with the audience to get to know people personally then adapts his presentations accordingly. …

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