Breaking Down the New and Noteworthy Section in iTunes

If you want your business’ podcast to be a huge success, than there is one place that will almost guarantee it: the New and Noteworthy section on iTunes. This is where iTunes advertise podcasts they believe have exceptional quality and are worthy of their loyal customers’ attention.

Getting on this list can make the number of downloads for your show grow exponentially and give you additional income from advertising (as your viewers increase) and increase your negotiating power with your advertisers. At the same time it can help you grow your business by being heard by more people.

But how can you get such a prestigious spot? What do you need to do?

This is a tough question. Like with Google’s ranking formula, iTunes doesn’t announce what actually makes a podcast worthy of the list. Therefore, it can only be surmised what makes their list by looking at previous success stories and the trends in their appearance and quality.

Here is our breakdown of what goes into making your podcast get onto that list.

Great Sound

Sound matters a lot to your audience. If the sound quality is not good enough, then reviewers will tell you on iTunes and any other hosting platform you have. This may mean that you have to pay for some of the best recording and editing equipment or alternatively, that you record your podcast several times over to get the quality right.

Some of the common occurrences that lower the quality of the sound include:

  • Muffled voices.
  • Background noise.
  • Scratchy sounds.
  • Inconsistent volume.

Avoid these and you will present a higher quality podcast that will attract the right attention.

High Quality Intro

The intro to your podcast is the first impression. Make it a good one and people will stay and listen to the rest of the show. If it’s poor, people will leave your show before you’ve said the first word. Hire a voice talent to do the introductions and buy some high quality music to run you in. Ensure that your introduction isn’t too long either; at most it should 15–30 seconds.

Professional Editing

If you want everything to look good, you need to have your podcast edited professionally. There are many different tools you can use to edit it yourself, if you are willing to put in the time to learn how to edit to a professional level. Alternatively, send your audio to an editor and ask them to do the work, which is likely to be faster.


If you want to stand out from the crowd you will need a high quality piece of artwork to accompany your podcast. This should be 1400x1400 and still look good when it is smaller than this. Here are some elements that determine whether it is likely to get noticed:

  • Name is clearly visible when small.
  • Colours don’t blend together too much.
  • It looks unique.
  • It isn’t just a stock bought image.
  • It identifies your podcast as a brand.

Get Reviews

One way to get your podcast noticed is to be reviewed by your listeners. Ask everyone who listens to your podcast who follows you on Twitter and Facebook to rate your podcast on your iTunes profile. The more reviews you collect, the more important iTunes will see your podcast to be.

However, don’t get fake reviews as this will destroy the trust between you, your listeners and iTunes. It can severely damage your reputation and you may never recover.


Getting your podcast on the new and noteworthy list for iTunes is worth pure gold. It can turn your small time podcast into a major success story with downloads running into their thousands. Therefore, ensure you have a quality podcast and supporting materials to get noticed by your target audience and iTunes. Then sit back and enjoy the growing popularity of your show.

What do you think makes a noteworthy show? How many downloads do you have per month?

Let us know in the comments above.

Take Action:

  • Review your artwork, intro and sound quality.
  • Make improvements where necessary.
  • Get your podcast on the new and noteworthy list on iTunes.

This article originally appeared on the PodcastMotor Blog.