Ranking The Greats: Guns N’ Roses — Top 10 Greatest Songs Ranked

The most dangerous band of all-time.

10- Sweet Child O’ Mine

One of the most recognisable guitar intros of all time sees Axl and Co. at their wildest while dreaming about their early beginnings.

9- Yesterdays

Quite possibly one of the most underrated GnR track. While the lyrical tendency revolves around self-doubt, Axl soars through the chorus with a feeling of being born again accompanied by the vehement guitar undertones by Slash at his best.

8- Paradise City

One song the epitomises Hard Rock from start to finish. Steven Adler going absolutely berserk on the drums with Axl Rose floating his vocals over the eerie yet uplifting guitaring of the dangerous duo of Slash and Izzy Stradlin provides for a compelling fist bumping head banging anthem with not only sold out stadiums, but also started riots, all of the over promise of finding pretty girls and greener grass.

7- Civil War

This song is politically charged, and has an entire verse about President Kennedy’s assassination. It also deals with the Vietnam War and the battle for civil rights in the US, and yet it still manages to sound absolutely magnificent. Not bad.

6- Welcome To The Jungle

The song that proved Axl Rose was born to sing, and that Guns’ N Roses were born to be the greatest American hard rock band all of time. Slash’s beginning riffs and Axl’s eerie howl set the stage for the rest of the songs. “Jungle” is a no-holds-barred look at the dark, drug-infested world beneath the glitz-and-glamour exterior of Los Angeles.

5- Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Originally a track of Bob Dylan, GNR truly went ahead and made it their own. Axl Rose manages to hit various notes over the course of the song which almost makes it completely different to the original track and makes it feel like it is actually a Guns’ track. Slash allows himself to get creative with Brian May-esque mini bridges that tie up the song like a beautiful story, all the while being carried by the wondrous vocals of Axl himself.

4- Sympathy For The Devil

One of the most covered songs of all time, originally by The Rolling Stones, it would be always be interesting how GNR would put their spin on it. Axl Rose has defined the song as the sound of the band breaking up. But then again, it makes one wonder, if this is how good GNR sound breaking up, just how good were they when they were together? Over the top solos which almost feel like melting your face off, with Axl Rose going absolutely insane with his trademark screams provide for the perfect Rock N’ Roll that is going to make you jump!

3- Estranged

Slash described the making of the song as the most intensive and the toughest song he has has ever had to work on in the history of his musical career. It is easy to see why because right when you hear that riff explode through your mind, Axl storms in and takes it all away with his high pitched sweet voice and makes it dance according to the mood of the song. He does it repeatedly over the song, while Slash structures his darkness and struggle around him and therefore manages to create one of the most epic, and I really do mean, the most epic hard rock song ever.

2- Dont’ Cry

A classic example of a how a band can alternate between different styles and still manage to create genius. Axl Rose has never sounded better singing in such a middle key note. As his voice slowly dances along with the bass of Duff McKagan, he shifts it higher just a little bit more to invite Slash in to take control of the song by its head and spin it away with his screaming riff. Truly one of the greatest of GnR, if not of all time.

1- November Rain

Quite possibly one of the greatest songs of all time. Apart from the part that it carried the tag of the most expensive music video of all time at the time, (yes, that wedding dress worn by Stephanie Seymour is worth a whooping $1 million) this is more than a song, it is a story told through the eyes of 6 very different musicians each playing a part in it to make a whole. The words Axl speaks, express a wonder that needs to be felt to be understood, echoing the sentiments of the past while yearning for someone to hold on to him, while at the same time trying to fight for his own identity. Slash enters the fray with his greatest guitar solo of all time in this song, bridging the gap between despair and life, which shall quite forever echo in eternity. Matt Sorum proves that losing Adler was a silver lining and that he is in fact the true heir to the changed direction of art ballads.

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