If you call your mother “mom” or “mother” you are using an alias. The words “mom” and “mother” are affectionate words that you use instead of her formal name. An alias is simply one piece of information that represents another.


If you have an Twitter account, you are already using an alias. Your account name represents who you really are on the popular microblogging platform. One of my aliases is @TheCryptoWoman. I use this alias on Twitter and other places online when I want to write or express opinions specifically about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

If you are one of the…

“I will never, ever do that again!” I thought as I walked out of the bank into the balmy spring rain.

But, of course I will — just like I will forget my umbrella again. And just like I must dash across the parking lot with the rain drops pelting my face, I will be forced (again) to pay an exorbitant fee for a transaction.

I just paid $70 to send 250 Euros to somewhere in Europe. What?

That is almost a 25% increase of the transaction amount.

This whole experience was becoming ridiculous and I mused out loud to…

Becky Butcher of Asset Servicing Times interviewed me for their Annual Technololgy Report 2018 / 2019

How would you describe blockchain to those in the industry still grappling with the meaning and its significance?

For those still trying to understand blockchain and how it could be relevant to them, I try to relate it by exampling how it could actually work in an instance and how they can apply it to their own needs.

I’ve heard many describe the blockchain as a type of database but that sells it short and doesn’t describe the features that would convince someone that they need more.

But, most people relate immediately to the protection of user data and fraud protection. Other…

Last year I made a commitment to build a blockchain and document how I did it. I postponed this to become the full-time Executive Director of Ardor / Nxt Group. Now, in that capacity, I find myself teaching and answering questions about blockchain. With so much interest in the NXT Blockchain Creation Kit, this seemed to be the right time. So here we go!

In this short tutorial I demonstrate how I created a blockchain or cryptocurrency in less than 30 minutes using the Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit.

We start at Jelurida.com. Jelurida is the business entity created to…

I’m anonymous. I have an avatar — a name that isn’t my own. Nobody knows me. Online, some people think they can say what they want with whatever words they want in whatever attitude they want — and nobody will know who they are.

But I believe you are known — even behind the mask of an avatar or fake name. Your words and attitudes and interests and contribution speak volumes about your character, your talents, your values — the things that really define who you are from the inside out.

Online communities formed around common interests

The internet gives us the opportunity to find people…

How easy is it for an artist to create a token or asset to represent a real piece of art on the blockchain?

We’ve all heard the claims about how blockchain or distributed ledger technology will help artists protect the intellectual property to their created works. In fact, this seems to be one of the more obvious use cases for the blockchain. There are some registries opening as businesses to allow artists to register a token through their service. A down-side to this is it often requires a a considerable fee and it takes control from the artist and gives it to a third party in a space that is just developing and reputations are not yet established among these new businesses. …

Women in Cryptocurrency Succeed with Study and Research

I hear about women in tech and think of brilliant women with thick rimmed glasses emerging from their work spaces to give TED Talks and become thought leaders in a man’s world. I imagine them as intellectual wonder women who had to fight with their wits to achieve that coveted position in a loosely defined, but prestigious sounding group. I’m not overly impressed because the women I know who live and work in the tech space don’t really give too much thought to the accolade or the label unless they are actively promoting technology as career options or occupied in…


My name is Elizabeth Mong and I’m fascinated with #cryptocurrency and the disruptive technology of #blockchain. The opinions of TheCryptoWoman are my own.

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