Anatomy of a Plate with Chef Chris Kajioka

Kajioka plating his cold foie gras dish with huckleberries, celery root and squash at Vintage Cave.
Kajioka plating at Vintage Cave
Kajioka plating at Vintage Cave.
Squid ink cracker with yuzu gel, chives and nasturtium at Vintage Cave.
Kajioka’s Charred Cabbage at Senia.

“That’s a fair argument, but I think it is just as hard to operate a restaurant that specializes in sushi or yakitori as it is to run one that does a multi-course tasting.

The quality of the food is what they are thinking about. It’s probably harder to be a specialist than to do a multi course that has a lot more bells and whistles.

There’s no hiding for a person who is grilling chicken. They break down the chicken perfectly, they have to cook it perfectly, and then they have to season it perfectly.

You have to be perfect every time.

I give anyone with a restaurant credit because it is so difficult. Any type of restaurant is difficult. I don’t think there is really a difference.”

Ahi Tartar at Senia.



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