Anatomy of a Plate with Chef Floyd Cardoz

Chef Floyd Cardoz on a beach in Maui.
Chef Cardoz at the Lucky 7 media day. Photo by Dane Nakama
Kampachi Ceviche with Coconut-Kokum broth, heart of palm, and black rice by Chef Floyd Cardoz. Photo by Dane Nakama
Chef Cardoz plating at the 2014 Hawaii Food & Wine Festival.

“Inspiration for me comes from ingredients mainly. However, there are times when I’m eating somewhere, it can trigger an emotional memory of another dish.

Sometimes, they aren’t even connected. Or I’ll eat something, and a texture will trigger something in my creative process that inspires me to make a dish.”

Chef Cardoz’s 2014 Hawaii Food & Wine Festival dish: Banana leaf wrapped roast baby goat with hearts of palm, heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers and mint. Photo by Dane Nakama



Hawaii based chef, Ed Morita has been blogging in one form or another since 2005. The Culinary Mind serves as an outlet where he focuses on various food issues.

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