It was a beloved chain, known for its accessibility and acceptance. But ex-employees say it felt more like a cult.

By Madeleine Aggeler

For years, Yoga to the People billed itself as a different kind of yoga experience: Forget the expensive yoga mats, the designer leggings, the Instagram-ready studios, and the deified teachers; this was yoga stripped down to its essentials. The company emphasized accessibility and acceptance and fostered a…

What did we want from sourdough? And did we get it after all?

By Matthew Schneier

Remember sourdough? Almost as soon as the world went into lockdown and everyone turned artisanal survivalist, it seemed to be everywhere: burbling in warm, dark corners; feeding, multiplying, inspiring trend stories and backlash to the trend stories, and choking social media; seducing Jake Gyllenhaal; obsessing an antsy…

When a woman dares respond to it, she’s seen as “disruptive”

By Rebecca Traister

On Thursday, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stood up and gave one of the finest speeches recently heard on the House floor, calling out not just Florida representative Ted Yoho for having called her “disgusting,” “out of your freaking mind,” and a “fucking bitch” on the steps of the Capitol…

A growing number of day camps have seen outbreaks of COVID-19, despite requiring masks and physical distancing. Here’s what that means for school reopenings in the fall.

By Anna Silman

After three and a half months in lockdown with her two kids, ages 3 and 6, Hannah Lebovits was desperate to get the children out of the house and have some time for herself. “I’m behind on everything; my husband’s behind on everything. We just cannot keep…

Outrage is mounting as people flood restaurants and throw parties. But most of our anger should be directed at the government.

By Bridget Read

With the disastrous reopening of the United States under way, as the country continues to reach new coronavirus-infection heights, we find ourselves confronted with countless absurd juxtapositions in our strange reality.

These play out on the news and across social media. A doctor in Texas tells reporters

“They basically have the power of life or death over me right now.”

By Anna Silman

As the country continues its patchwork reopening and New York City barrels ahead into phase two, many people who have spent the past few months working from home are being told that it’s time to return to the office. Of course, countless “essential” workers — from health-care…

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