The #RedefineDreamer Campaign

#RedefineDreamer is a social media campaign intended to expand the discussion of what it means to be a Dreamer in today’s society by redefining and extending the definition of Dreamer.

Watch the Launch Video here:

There is a stigma that surrounds the meaning of Dreamer. We are thought of as the mad ones crazy enough to defy expectations and what society intends of us. We’re the reality-changers dancing when no one else can hear the music. Often, we are disregarded as idealistic, impractical, and unrealistic. We’re the Walter Mittys in society who dream too big and live too little, but in our technologic social age it’s no longer the case.

To be a Dreamer now is to be willing to shape the reality we live in today. This is our reality where life is a dream and we are the Dreamers. Dreamers of today are defying conventional means of education and new vocations are being created based on the power of their dreams. From starting companies at an early age to becoming social influencers, these passionate and ambitious young entrepreneurs/ artists are proving that the seemingly impossible can be achieved.

Through The DCI Project, a platform intended to amplify the voices of Dreamers worldwide, the #RedefineDreamer Campaign is the next step in building this collaborative movement. Over time, we anticipate thousands of young Dreamers around the world to share their dreams and propel this movement forward.

Are you a Dreamer? Pledge your name to redefine what it means to be a Dreamer in today’s society:

Get involved in this movement! What are you doing today to inspire the next generation of Dreamers? Use the hashtag #RedefineDreamer to join the conversation.

If you are a Dreamer who would like to participate in The DCI Project, apply at: We look forward to having you further this discussion by your creations to celebrate the Dreamer in everyone and inspire the next generation.