Why we make it really difficult to join us ?

We are not a digital agency. Nope. Which instantly makes us not mediocre. Just kidding. Or am I?

Getting to the point. We are a consultant first & digital later. Digital and social media marketing consultant. With the mentality of a media company. You should too. Actually. Have a media company mentality. Maybe I’ll write a blog about that someday. Just maybe.

Our vision is to rank among the top consultants in the world. Via digital platforms. We think we are competing with the KPMG, Price Waters and Deloittes of the world. We don’t work to put advertising or digital agencies out of business. They do that themselves. Again kidding. Maybe.

Now as we are not mediocre, there is no place for mediocre people within the organization. This includes interns and people who want to work with us. So when someone comes at me with a direct message (if you want to know how to hack direct messages for job hunting check out my other blog here) or email, I know who is looking for a job and who is looking for knowledge. We like the latter. As finding someone who values long term knowledge over short term financial gain is rare. Just like our organization. So that’s what we look for. So Zero pay. For the first 3 months. To see people’s real intentions. As before building a company, we are trying to build culture.

From the get-go, we make it very clear that you need strong fundamentals and basics to even begin to work with us. As we understand that the current curriculum around the world does not teach practical knowledge but only theoretical and conceptual. Also the pace at which the world is moving is way too fast for any institute to keep up with. So the initial weeks are for bringing the new guys and gals to speed. That is my contribution. And replacement for not paying. You work here for free. But gain priceless knowledge. That you will learn nowhere else. Information is out there, everything you will learn here or anywhere else for that matter. It can be found online. In one form or another. But everyone is lazy. So that information isn’t learnt. Or understood. And thus never passed on. Only copied at best. That’s the difference between information and knowledge.

So we don’t believe in degrees and certificates. And definitely not a CV. Those tell us about your past. Not the present. We are looking for people who have a zeal to know more. Who want to work hard. Who are enthusiastic. That’s why we see 19 year old pass outs, coming here to learn and contribute. So, our culture is not based on salary. Our culture is based on value. and high domain knowledge.

So let’s talk about culture. No daily attendance. No good morning and good evening ma’am/ sir. No morning meetings. No Cc to the CEO in every mail. No dress code. No Boss. No hierarchy of corporate structure. No leave application. Don’t come if you don’t feel like. No appraisal every year. Your salary can increase 4 times in a year. No methods. You make your own. Like I said, our company is a meritocracy at it’s purest form.

With all this comes a price. No ego. So you may be 40 but your project leader may be 19 and you will be reporting to him/her. Again our company is a meritocracy at it’s purest form. If you are good, no matter where you are from, your gender or age you will win.

I’ve worked in the biggest and smallest companies. So I’m building a culture that excludes everything I hated in my 26 years of working as an employee.

And I understand this may not be for everyone. Some people need constant policing and need to be pushed to accomplish something. As a lot of people don’t pursue their career because they love it. But out of pressure. Whether it’s parental or financial. So we will never be the largest organization. But we may just be the best place to work. In this country. And the world tomorrow.

Feel free to share your experiences of corporate life, in the comments below. I am sure someone else reading this will relate.

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Subhobroto Chakroborty, Our CEO and Founder


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