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Redistricting is one of the most important political challenges happening in the states. What’s at stake is nothing short of the future of our democracy and the next decade of political power. So, here’s everything you need to know about the most consequential event of 2021.

What is Redistricting

Redistricting happens every ten years when state legislatures or other institutions redraw districts for representatives to the U.S. House and members of each state’s legislature. This happens the year after the U.S. Census is completed — in this case, 2021.

However, because of the pandemic and interference by the Trump administration, it’s taking Census…

Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate, we asked our grassroots supporters to share what they love about Democratic state legislatures. This is for every Democrat who needs a warm-hearted pick-me-up, a reminder that there are still good leaders doing good work.

“I love local governments in the hands of Democrats because when Democrats are in charge they fight for the people. Everything from fighting for criminal justice reform, police reform, environmental justice, LBGTQ+ and civil rights, tax reform, etc., to ensuring that democracy continues to thrive makes me proud to call myself a Democrat. When Democrats are in charge, things get…

If you were able to vote early in person, vote by mail, or put your ballot in a drop box in November, you may have your Democratic state legislators to thank. Election laws vary across the country, and your state decides how easy it will be for you to vote. Keeping citizens safe at the polls, especially in the era of COVID-19, never should have been a partisan issue, but Republicans made it their mission to undermine democracy at every level of the ballot. Meanwhile, Democrats nationwide introduced election reforms with both the convenience and health of their constituents in…

Just when you thought the Republican Party couldn’t possibly stoop any lower, 2020 happened. Instead of helping people, the GOP pushed dangerous conspiracy theories, flouted public health guidance, and doubled-down on voter suppression tactics. In fact, Republican state legislators engaged in such deplorable conduct, it’s hard to even remember everything that happened. Here are the top 5 worst failures by GOP legislators.

#5: Republicans make it harder for people to vote

The GOP’s refusal to ease voting during an unprecedented public health crisis brought the party’s long track record of voter suppression to a whole new level. They immediately set out to restrict mail-in and early voting, politicizing a…

2020 has been a year for the history books, and state legislative successes are no exception. Democrats quickly took action in the face of an unprecedented global pandemic, rushed to help those experiencing economic turmoil, and acted on the demands of tens of thousands in the streets who chanted “Black Lives Matter.” Here are some of the top victories of 2020.

You saw them speak at the 2020 Democratic National Convention. Now learn more about who they are and what they stand for.

President Barack Obama, Stacey Abrams, Governor Gretchen Whitmer — they all got their start in state legislatures. From redistricting to voting rights to health care, so much of the crucial work of governing takes place at the state level. Here are the 15 state legislative leaders you saw at Tuesday’s keynote and roll call.

Republicans have spent the last decade perfecting the playbook on how to rig an election. You almost have to give them credit — their creativity and maliciousness know no bounds.

That doesn’t mean they can’t be stopped. If Democrats are able to vote in overwhelming numbers this election, we can kick Republicans out of office. But we have to be educated on the GOP’s shameless tactics in order to properly prepare ourselves and our communities to vote.

So here’s the rundown of five tactics Republican state legislators have used to steal our elections, and what we need to do to…

COVID-19 is ravaging communities across the country. For vulnerable people who already lacked access to health care and economic stability, the virus has inflicted even greater devastation, highlighting the systemic failures that are threatening the lives and wellbeing of far too many Americans.

Nowhere is that failure more clear than in the fourteen states that have refused to expand Medicaid, denying health insurance to millions of low-income Americans and causing rural hospital closures. …

In the DLCC’s Good Bill, Bad Bill series, we compare the state legislation introduced by Republicans this year to the bills being proposed by Democrats to highlight the major priority differences between the two parties.

Florida’s Republican-controlled legislature has been responsible for some of the most destructive policies we’ve seen over the last decade. From the offensive inaction after the Pulse Nightclub and Parkland shootings to a complete gutting of the state’s unemployment system to the undermining of the wildly popular voter initiative to re-enfranchise people formerly convicted of a felony, Florida Republicans are in a league of their own…

Let’s be real. The Republican Party has spent decades blocking access to the ballot box. From voter ID laws to shuttered polling locations in minority communities to gerrymandering, the GOP has a passion for finding new and creative ways to suppress the vote. And now they’re harnessing a global pandemic to lower participation even further.

As the November elections approach and primaries continue to take place across the country, public health experts are adamant that absentee and mail-in voting is the best way to keep Americans safe should social distancing need be extended through the fall.

Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington…


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