100 Days of Statehouse #Resistance

Saturday, April 29, marked the 100th day of the Trump presidency. While Trump promised his supporters on the campaign trail that they would “get tired of winning,” his scandal-ridden administration has pushed for damaging legislation at the federal level while inspiring copycat bills in Republican-controlled statehouses across the country. Meanwhile, statehouse Democrats across the country have been leading the resistance and fighting for their constituents with measures to help working families, protect the environment, and ensure access to vital healthcare services. In recognition of Trump’s 100th day in office, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is highlighting the accomplishments of Democratic state lawmakers as they lead the resistance:


Donald Trump promised that in his first 100 days in the White House, he would end illegal immigration. In reality, his attempt to cancel all federal funding for sanctuary cities was blocked, and his executive orders only served to tear apart families and discriminate against refugees and individuals from select Muslim-majority countries. In response to these attacks on immigrants, Democrats across the country have stepped up to condemn Trump’s actions and expand protections for immigrant communities.

  • In California, DLCC Board member and Senate president pro Tempore Kevin de Leon introduced Senate Bill 54, which would prohibit local and state agencies from using state resources to assist ICE agents. Democrats in New Jersey and Vermont passed similar measures.
  • Recently, California passed a measure to bar state contracts with companies that assist in the building of Trump’s border wall, while New Mexico is working to pass a measure that would bar state land from being used, sold, or transferred to facilitate the construction of the wall.
  • Democratic legislators in Hawaii, Illinois, and New York are working to pass measures to expand and protect sanctuary status.


President Trump recently signed an executive order directing controversial Education Secretary and charter schools champion Betsy DeVos to study federal overreach in education. Here’s what state Democrats are doing in preparation:

  • DLCC Board member and Nevada Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford is standing up for and affirming his dedication to funding public schools.
  • Democrats in Maryland defeated a barrage of education bills introduced by state Republicans that push the “privatization agenda” championed by Trump and DeVos.
  • Democrats in New Mexico put forth a constitutional amendment to boost funding for early education.


While President Trump promised to “repeal and replace” Obamacare within his first 100 days in office, his attempts to work with a fractured Republican Congress have failed repeatedly. Trump also outlined his goal of providing low-income families with affordable childcare. While Trump hasn’t been able to deliver on either of these “100 days” promises, state Democrats have made significant accomplishments and worked to protect these important services:

  • Democrats in California are considering dumping insurers and adopting a single-payer healthcare system to provide Californians with the services they need at a lower cost.
  • Democrats in Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, and New Mexico are fighting to expand access to contraceptives, while Democrats in Illinois, Maryland, Nevada and Virginia won recent legislative victories on the issue.
  • Nevada recently passed a Democratic-sponsored bill to protect working mothers and legislators are eying tax credits for employers who help their employees pay for childcare.
  • Minnesota Democrats passed measures to expand access to childcare for families in need.


While the president has not been successful in most legislative areas, he has succeeded in committing lasting damage to the planet within his first 100 days. His most recent executive order directing the review of national monuments is already being challenged by Nevada Democrats. Here are some other ways that state Democrats have worked to resist this climate-change denying President:

  • Maryland Democrats successfully outlawed fracking in the state, and Democrats in Nevada, New Jersey and Oregon are looking to follow suit.
  • Democrats in California and New York are leading state efforts to combat climate change — and are encouraging other states to join the fight.
  • Connecticut is preparing to fight the Trump administration’s efforts to roll back regulations to protect the state’s air and water quality.
  • Colorado Senate Democrats recently appointed their first deputy minority leader for conservation, clean energy and climate change to protect the state’s natural environment.

Trump’s first 100 days saw state Democrats leading the resistance and protecting constituents’ basic needs from a destructive GOP agenda. As the nation contemplates the next 100 days of this presidency, Democrats will continue to fight back against Trumpism in state capitols across the country, grassroots progressives will continue to march against the Trump agenda, and DLCC will continue to resist Trump at the ballot box as May offers the single heaviest month of legislative special elections until November. While President Trump continues to boast about his Electoral College numbers and harp on rally attendance, state Democrats actually have important legislative victories to show for Trump’s first 100 days.

Interested in joining DLCC and local Democrats in the fight to resist? You can help fuel the resistance here.

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee
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