An Act A Day Keeps Trumpism At Bay

As the Trump White House continues its “downward spiral” into chaos and Republicans up and down the ballot turn their backs on their constituents by supporting dangerous legislation, Americans across the country are coming together to fight back against Trumpism and conservative extremism. In previous postings, DLCC has highlighted actions taken by Democratic state legislators to lead the resistance. While DLCC Board members and state leaders work to expand and protect progress in statehouses nationwide, DLCC is using grassroots online outreach to share proactive “daily acts” that can be taken by any voter interested in fighting back against the Trump agenda.

From supporting Democratic legislative candidates in important under-the-radar races to rallying the grassroots against extremist legislation proposed by state Republicans, DLCC’s suggested daily actions provide the progressive community with an outlet for productive change and resistance. As the authority on state politics, DLCC’s work in the legislative space is crucial to rebuilding the party at all levels. By participating in these small acts of resistance, you can help DLCC strengthen the party’s recruitment bench, win statehouse majorities, and prevent another decade of Republican gerrymandering. Our team of state legislative experts has carefully curated these daily acts of resistance to result in positive impacts and influence.

To be a productive progressive ally, be sure to follow DLCC on Twitter and Facebook and share these manageable but important daily actions with your network of changemakers!

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