Angered by Democrats’ All-Star Session, Nevada GOP and Special Interests Conspire to Subvert Democracy

Last November, Nevadans elected Democratic majorities to the state Assembly and the state Senate, flipping the chambers from red to blue. Democrats immediately went to work and delivered one of the legislature’s most successful sessions ever, passing landmark legislation to protect health care access, expand environmental protections, and safeguard education and women’s health services. But now, barely nine months later, Republicans and special interests desperate to undo the session’s monumental achievements are conspiring to subvert the will of the people by recalling three women senators — all outstanding public servants:

The tale so far

On August 2nd, former GOP Assemblyman Stephen Silberkraus — who lost in 2016 — filed a petition to recall state Senator Joyce Woodhouse. Senator Woodhouse, who represents the Las Vegas suburbs of Henderson and Paradise, won by fewer than 500 votes in 2016, making the district one of Nevada’s most competitive.

Days later, Republicans filed two more recall petitions against Democrat Nicole Cannizzaro and independent Patricia Farley — also in competitive districts. Their goal then became clear: Steal control of the Nevada Senate.

“Subversion of Democracy”

Most observers think Republicans are unlikely to retake the Nevada Senate in 2018 — so they’ve chosen this path instead, without even offering a reason for recalling three women Senators who have fought for Nevada families.

The editor of the Nevada Independent has it right:

How the process works

Right now, Republicans have paid signature-gatherers on the ground attempting to get these recalls on the ballot. Within 90 days, they’ll need signatures from 25% of the voters who cast ballots in these districts in the last election.

After the signatures are submitted, the state will examine them to determine if the threshold was met, and then there will be an opportunity for Democrats to challenge the petition or the signatures in court. If the courts reject that challenge, an election will be held within 30 days.

This means that if the recall is certified, Democrats will have less than a month to defend Joyce Woodhouse, Nicole Cannizzaro, and Patricia Farley — all in the most competitive districts in the state.

What’s at stake

Right now, Democrats control the Nevada state Senate by a one-seat margin, with one independent. If just two of the three women are recalled, control of the chamber will flip red. We could lose all the progress made under the Democratic agenda this year.

Here’s what you can do

The DLCC is working with Nevada Democrats to protect all three senators. But time is short, and Republicans, with the help of right-wing special interests who want to buy the Senate, are already on the offensive. If you’re on board with us, any contribution would help the effort to protect Joyce, Nicole, and Patricia, and support their allies all across the country.

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