While I generally agree with the post’s premise, we should not disengange completely.

I realy dont agree… the president of the united states (in the past and now), let such special operations always grow bigger… so if we are not capable of containing them effective (we allways thing 200 more soldiers will do the job), we need to bail out

The exposure of the USA or any other country fighting terrorism (e.g. France) will fade away (to a dergree) when they dont involve themselfs in every crysis ever…

And getting people to not go to Syria to fight for allah (like some couple thousand kids in europe did) I a mater of giving them perspective and NOT of killing as many of them when they are down there…

Fighting the symtoms is a very easy way to thing one is doning something good, while it only hinders solving the underlaying problem

(sorry for the bad english)

cheers form switzerland

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