The story of my account

When I came to create my account, I was asked to select at least three categories under which my blog would fall. I gave it a little thought: is it a since? An art? A lifestyle? Is it about one self or family? Is it really about food? How does it affect one’s health? And I selected three. The three: Food as it’s certainly something we eat, Health as it surely enhances our health physical and mental, and Self as it’s about enjoying one’s self and spend a moment of quality alone time ☺

Food, Health, Self

I start with a chocolate I’ve personally never tried before. It’s a dark yet a sweet one. It cracks under the teeth yet it melts and makes you dream. Dream of any good thing that makes you feel nice! It has a soft juice not strong as orange but delightful and sweet: that of bloody orange with an after taste of cranberries. Once the chocolate melted in your mouth u crack on tiny bits of almond. A bar that you can surely share with a friend or two unless you like to keep the chocolaty pleasure all for yourself and only you. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you: Brookside Cranberry Almond with blood orange flavor! Enjoy!