XRP Tip Bot

XRP Tip Bot is a Huge Game Changer. Send any amount small amount and tip any small amount just with your Twitter or even through Reddit and Discord.

First I like to give Kung Fu Nerd on YouTube a Thank You for uploading XRP Tip Bot video.

Huge opportunity for XRP coin holders to actually use there XRP coins. In recent news, XRP can be bought through Uphold.

You can read more: XRP Ecosystem Grows with New Listing on Uphold Mar 29, 2018 | Team Ripple

The Uphold platform’s U.S. users can now access XRP directly, no steps in between. They can also exchange seven digital assets, including XRP, with twenty-three fiat currency and four precious metals, and send money instantly to other members anywhere in the world.

Then with xCurrent, xRapid, and xVia currently partnering with prominent financial institutions like Santander a few days ago. This is great for Ripple the company, which leaves us with XRP the coin. Up until now most XRP holders were just that… HODLing on their XRP. Consumers can use their XRP via the XRP Tip Bot. I am for one who is EXCITED!!

At the moment the XRP tip bot can be use on reddit, Twitter and Discord. So with no further explanation on about the XRP Tip Bot….

So get signed up and start Tipping XRP!!


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XRP Tip Bot

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