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Your value to your team can’t be understated — and everyone knows it. But sometimes you’re so focused on the task at hand that it leads you to snap at one of your colleagues. And rather than inspiring everyone to make that final push to the finish line, it brings the group’s process to a screeching halt.

Of course, you’re probably smart enough to know that you need to fix the situation. But a half-hearted apology probably won’t cut it after you lash out. Instead, here are a few painful (but necessary) steps to repair the relationship.

1. Take a Minute to Vent

I’ve lost count…

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For the past few weeks, I’ve been participating in a pedometer challenge at work. My team has a lofty goal of 20,000 steps (or more) each day — per person. And while my urban location makes this challenge easier, it’s still hard sometimes. But, instead of providing reasons for why I won’t meet the goal, I make excuses to walk more instead.

When I get bored or frustrated, I take laps around the office building. Instead of binge-watching our current favorite show after dinner, my partner and I meander around the neighborhood. …

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If you love learning from successful people, you already know common habits they point to, like:

But there’s another one to add to the list — that I doubt you’ve heard 100 times already: Send birthday cards to everyone you work with.

If you rely on public transportation to get you to work and then back home again, you may be feeling so very over it. From New York City to Washington, DC, it’s been a trying time for commuters. Which is not to say that driving in gridlock is a pleasant experience.

Whatever your mode of transport, things could surely be worse. But, they could also be better. And that’s what I think we should all focus on.

Take your annoyance to social media if you must the next time your ride into work lets you down, but once you’ve gotten…

When things go wrong at work, it’s hard to keep them from spiraling out of control. And when one thing after another seems to break, you can’t help but wonder if all you’re good for anymore is messing up.

But even though you’ve had a tough go of it lately, there are a few things you can do to set yourself up to have more successful days at the office — even as soon as next week.

Here are a few things I found helpful in a recent rough patch:

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Remember when you were a kid and you’d pretend to be sick because you didn’t want to go to school that day?

Well, when you’re an adult, you technically don’t have to pretend anymore. You can just take a personal day when you need a break.

But that’s always easier said than done, right? It’s hard to look your boss (and your co-workers) in the eye and say that you’re taking a day off for personal reasons. But if you have personal days worked into your benefits, you 100% should be taking them!

So, when can you let yourself off…

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De-stressing at work with a walk around the block, a few minutes of meditation, or easy do-at-your-desk exercises is essential for productivity. If I don’t get up from my desk or move my eyes away from my screen at some point during my workday, my brain will feel completely fried at the end of it (and not in a good way).

But taking much-needed and deserved breaks (intentional) are one thing — getting distracted (involuntarily) is another. …

I love TV. But I’m not very good at watching it. Which is insane because it really only involves three very simple steps:

  1. Turn the TV on.
  2. Face eyeballs toward the TV.
  3. Watch.

I usually go wrong by adding a fourth step into the mix: Scroll through my phone until the battery dies or my thumb goes numb — really whichever comes first. And because I do that, I end up having to rewind a lot. A 60-minute episode takes me, on average, about four hours to get through.

I mean, I don’t plan on this happening. I always think…

As part of my job working at a university, I manage a Facebook page for the student group I supervise. We share announcements, articles, stories, and the occasional “dad joke.” I love being part of it because it’s an easy way to communicate, it allows me to witness their bonding, and it keeps me “hip.” (Because at 27, I’ve resigned myself to being a Friday night cat lady).

When a Facebook notice pops up in the bottom left of my monitor, I just can’t help myself — I click on it immediately to see what’s been said. And while the…

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At a previous job, I had one specific co-worker who frequently made me close my eyes, clench my fists, and grit my teeth.

Here’s the surprise: She was actually an excellent colleague (so, please, rest assured that I always treated her respectfully — in fact, we were pretty close!). She was helpful, communicative, and dependable. She didn’t gossip, she wasn’t condescending, and she never threw people under the bus.

But, all of those positive qualities didn’t change the fact that she did one small thing that made me absolutely crazy. What was it? Well, she frequently mispronounced words. Her favorite…

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