Welcome To The Daily Music Dose

I’ve tried my hand at this too many times. Who Fucking Cares, I’m gonna try it again and hopefully this time it works out. I say this a lot but my interest in music continually keeps getting bigger and bigger. It has finally taken over sports and by a wide margin too. I find myself constantly thinking about new artists, new albums, and everything in between. It has gotten to the point where I honestly don’t hate any genre. (Except All The New Country Music) I have really gained some massive interest in Black Metal and Some Death Metal this year Which I could have never seen myself enjoying. I think one of the main reasons for me liking so many different genres is just because when you realize the talent it takes to make all these different sounds with different instruments takes a ton of fucking work and dedication and just pure talent and love for music in general. I hope I don’t sound cheesy. Seriously though listen to like Drone Albums (For example Prurient’s “Frozen Niagara Falls”) There is Just so much shit going on in those albums and It’s just an amazing experience even though there isn’t a ton of actual music in it. Anyway I really hope this makes some sense. I know I don’t know near as much as some people but I definitely hope to make this a career some day. Basically What I’ll Be doing is doing daily album reviews that have just come out. 2015 was an unbelievable year for music but I think 2016 could match it with albums coming out from the likes of Kanye, Radiohead, David Bowie, Animal Collective, Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, The XX and many many more. I’m excited to see where 2016 takes us and I hope you enjoy your Daily Dose Of Music. -James

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