Why “To Pimp A Butterfly” Is the album of the Year

“To Pimp A Butterfly” is the best album of this year and probably the best hip hop album of the last decade. Sure, you can think i’m just agreeing with all the critic’s because it’s the popular thing to do but if you want my honest opinion it is BY FAR the album of the year. It’s not even close. There is Not a single album I can think of that could come even close to surpassing it. The First Reason Being Because I didn’t think there was any way that it could surpass “Good Kid, MAAD City.” There is not any doubt in my mind anymore that Kendrick is by far the best rapper alive right now. I think the fact that he had the opportunity to make a radio friendly album and went ahead and did his own style instead says a ton. The Massive amount of Jazz, Funk, and Soul Influences is one of the reasons this album is such an amazing listening experience from front to end. And where can we start with how unbelievable of an MC Kendrick is. It’s an album that gives all people hope over all of the brutal things that are going on in the world at the moment. I don’t think any rapper at this moment, maybe ever, will be able to write some of the verses that Kendrick Does. Honestly Most of the time it doesn’t even feel like he’s rapping it feels like he’s actually talking to a group of people about the different opinions that he has. I think this album really does put a lot of things into perspective and makes you want to try to do things better because you know that things could end for you in a split second. You can hate on me for loving the hell out of this record but there is simply not a record I can think of that matches this one. I come back to this album at least once a week and I don’t know if i’m ever going to stop listening to it. People can call this overrated but the fact of the matter is this album is groundbreaking towards almost all genres of music and is one of the best albums of the decade by far. It’s the most complex hip hop album ever and I think of you keep listening to it you’ll understand the true genius of Kendrick Lamar.

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