New York is overrated

Greatest city on earth? Nah, here’s why.

  • Traffic — Are you kidding me with this. I’m not even talking about driving through Manhattan because this is exactly what everyone is picturing. The belt parkway is packed ever day with people who don’t have the simple ability to move their vehicle forward.
  • Food — Before you start spouting out the same 5 places in NY that everybody knows i’m treating this as a team sport. 95% of the food is terrible and it’s only bought because foreigners eat that gross shit.
  • Rent — I could own a real estate rental empire in Pennsylvania for the cost of a 1-bed looking at a brick wall in Brooklyn.
  • Traffic — just move forward.
  • No right on red — Can you animals not handle making a right on red.
  • Subway — No not Jared’s subway The subway. It’s 1 billion degrees down there. It’s a literal sauna and New Yorkers just act like that’s fine. Have some standards.
  • It’s dirty — does the trash union go on strike every week? It’s unreal.
  • Traffic — just move the fuck forward.

Here is my disclaimer. It’s fine to visit and it’s fine for rich people. Anyone else who lives here by choice is an animal. Plain and simple.