Zuckerberg exemplifies Democrats overarching problem; cluelessness.

Short bursts of countryside Americana travel is the trendy new weekend seminar of leftist wannabe politicians. Following in Trump’s footsteps (let that sink in) is Captain Facebook himself, testing his Real Life game for the national stage.

Without expressly stating it, partially because pink news is blue in the face over another red scare, the Dems have acknowledged the average American as the vehicle to political prosperity. The same American they mocked behind closed doors, until the mockery seeped through the gaps, then with open disdain as Obama held the door ajar with a fancy boy shoe.

How do they decide to study us? By taking a day trip to Zoo Americana. Whats over here? Are those trailers? How quaint are these factories, these farms, these foreign lifestyles of under employment and time crunched meals.

As if we wont notice Zuckerberg’s wide eyes from behind the reinforced Plexiglas of cracked delusion. Political calculations whirring behind those sparkly irises. The glaring separation staring us all in the face, delegitimizing those wild ambitions before they can even be purchased.

Zuckerberg’s Clintonian travel schedule a tacit implication of what cannot be derived through Facebook’s mind suck portal. What Hillary will never have with the American people, what cannot be absorbed about us in a tour, what Trump earned and they didn’t. Understanding.

If you hunger to represent us, never safari us, live amongst us.