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I get your point, believe me, I do, and as reprehensible as I find the Catholic Church to be, as I indeed find practically all religious institutions, I need to disagree with your premise.

Pope Frankie does not need to incite anything any more, especially not in countries like Uganda. The goal of capital punishment for loving the same gender has already been achieved.

Personally, I accept and support everyone’s sexual identity just the way they self-identify, but Ugandan “law” does not differentiate. If you are a male-to-female straight woman, Ugandan prosecutors will try you as a gay man. Straight cross-dressers are not safe either. They will automatically assume that you are homosexual, solely based on your choice of attire.

You see, these countries do not need to be egged on any further, they are already doing it.

When it comes to the Catholic Church, we are dealing with a patriarchal club of retiree-aged presumed virgins in dresses, who are trying, and failing, to hide a systemic problem with child abuse among their clergy. The Catholic Church should be the last institution, and its CEO considered the least qualified, to act as an authority on sexual morality.

Pope Benny, when he was still Joe Ratzinger and head of the Inquisition, went so far as to forbid Church officials across the globe from assisting authorities in their child abuse investigations against members of the clergy. Had any other Western state sought to cover up this scale of sexual abuse on an institutional level, this state’s leadership would have had to stand trial in the International Criminal Court, but somehow the Vatican seems to be exempt from prosecution for Human Rights violations. Why is that, I wonder?

In conclusion, what we need is not a progressive Pope, but the disbandment of the entire cankerous organisation. The same goes for any form of organised religion, that fancies itself the moral authority over the world’s population.