The Deal Coin Community Update

The Deal Coin team have been working hard in recent weeks in preparation for the end of the original timeline. This has involved preparing for the development of the blockchain peer to peer lending platform, listing on exchanges, post ICO marketing strategy and meeting with a number of significant investors, whom are expressing very strong interest in contributing to the token sale.

During our token sale period we have undoubtedly been affected by the depressed market which altcoins and major currencies have experienced, however with the recent upturn in the last few weeks, our team have experienced a significant increase in the number of private accredited investors wishing to contribute and help The Deal Coin team achieve our hard cap target.

Whilst we finalise our negotiations with these parties we have decided to extend the token sale for a further 4 weeks.

In recognition of this change we would like to re-assure our community of contributors, bounty members and airdrop participants that we will maintain our original commitment to release The Deal Coin tokens within the 4 week period of the original end date (today).

We have also been in discussions with key exchanges with a view to listing The Deal Coin and again we want to re-asssure our community that it is our intention to still achieve our original date to have The Deal Coin listed once we finish the token sale.

The decision to extend the timeline has not been made lightly but it is purely to take advantage of the increase in investor interest and we will not let it affect our commitment to our community to deliver the tokens and list on the exchange within the original published timeline.

Achieving the hard cap will ensure The Deal Coin project can maximise the opportunity to build a truly global blockchain peer to peer lending platform and we believe our community will respect our decision to take advantage of this opportunity and for the benefit of all.

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The Deal Coin Team