The Dream Shade — Threatening Thursday

First Appearances

Physical Manifestations

Remember that the Dream Shade takes on a form based on the worst nightmare of the person that it is currently engaged with, using their own fear as a weapon against them. Because of this, you need to have good knowledge of the characters in order to concoct an effectively nightmarish appearance. If it’s earlier in the game, feel free to simply ask the players about something that their characters would fear or dream about.

The Long-Awaited Stat Block

Let’s get to the numbers. The Dream Shade can be either a young shade or an elder shade with stat blocks to match.


I hope that you enjoy using this monster as much as I have. It’s always been suitably terrifying for my players and is one of the rare monsters that come with built-in connections to the characters and their backstories. Thanks for reading, and as always remember to follow me here on Medium as well as on Twitter. Check back each weekday for a new article.



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