Eight Whoppers from Trump’s Tuesday Night

Here’s what Trump got wrong on Tuesday night — and this is just from one speech!

  1. Trump said the Justice Department fed Clinton information about the email server investigation. We don’t know that; we only know that a Clinton staffer said “DOJ folks” told them about a public hearing.
  2. Trump said the U.S. murder rate is the highest it’s been in 45 years. It’s not, though the murder rate hike is at its highest point in 45 years.
  3. Trump said, yet again, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency endorsed him. They didn’t.
  4. Trump said Clinton “smeared all of our police officers as essentially racist.” She didn’t.
  5. Trump said Clinton wants to cut Medicare and Social Security. She doesn’t.
  6. Trump said Clinton wants to adopt single-payer healthcare. She’s praised the Canadian system — as has Trump — but she’s never said she wants to move to it.
  7. “Hillary Clinton wants to really dismantle the Second Amendment,” Trump said. She supports background checks for all gun purchases, not removing Americans’ right to bear arms.
  8. “She’s also gonna raise your taxes big league, we’re gonna lower your taxes,” Trump claimed. He does want to lower taxes — mostly for the wealthy — but Clinton only wants to raise taxes on the nation’s uber wealthy. Unless Trump’s crowd is filled with very successful hedge fund managers, his statement is false.