The Democratic Coalition helped take back the House and drive #TheResistance in 2018

What a night for the Democrats on Tuesday!

Let’s take a quick moment to reflect back on 2018 and then focus like a laser on the December run-off elections and holding Trump and the GOP accountable with the new Democratic House.

2018 was a huge year for the The Democratic Coalition’s Facebook page. This year, we grew to more than 372,000 fans, served 488.7 million impressions, and have driven 33.1 million engagements and 10.7 million link clicks. The page is now one of the top progressive pages in terms of total interactions and interaction rate.

Here is a quick look at the numbers via Sprout Social since January 1, 2018:

Impressions — 488,661,988
Average Daily Users Reached — 424,366
Engagements — 33,128,771
Clicks — 10,665,979

These engagement numbers become even more impressive when compared with similar — many larger and more established — groups via the Crowdtangle stats:

(Note: There are clearly slight discrepancies between the way Sprout Social and Crowdtangle categorize engagements and interactions in Facebook.)

However, the Twitter numbers may be even more striking when you include our leadership team. For starters, the @DemCoalition Twitter account has served 99.6 million impressions in 2018 and has driven 4.5 million engagements and 747K link clicks while growing to more than 194K followers.

But then look at the numbers behind co-founder Scott Dworkin — his @Funder account achieved an astonishing 43.8 million interactions in 2018 and grew to more than 400K followers. Scott was joined by Coalition Chairman Jon Cooper’s @JonCooperTweets 207K-follower account which has driven 13.06 million interactions.

Here’s how Dworkin and Cooper stack up against some of the top tweeters of #TheResistance:

All of the The Dem Coalition’s social media properties have been dedicated to driving actions to Congress. In fact, more than 97K unique individuals have sent more than 400,000 letters to Congress on a wide variety of issues — including more than 86,000 letters in support of impeaching Donald Trump.

And the best part is that we are just getting started — there are several run-off elections in December. You can support our efforts to elect more Democrats and hold Trump accountable here.