REAL STORIES: Americans Struggling Because Trump Failed To Lower Drug Prices

The Trump administration released a report yesterday falsely claiming there’s been a “sea change” in the cost of prescription drugs. In reality, Trump’s plan to lower drug prices has been a complete failure, and drug prices continue to skyrocket.

Here are real stories of Americans struggling because Trump failed to lower drug prices:

“They’re using people’s illnesses and livelihoods to make a profit, and it’s ridiculous.” — Missouri woman with diabetes

“You should not have people dying because they cannot afford medication.” — Working mom with diabetes

“We know what the cost of diabetes, not only emotional cost, but the financial cost is unbelievable.” — Mother of a daughter with diabetes

“The child that I gave birth to, my flesh and blood, I lost him because of pharmaceutical greed.” — Mother of a child who passed away from diabetes

“It’s sickening to see a company that has a life-saving drug do everything they can to charge the maximum amount of money.” — Maine resident