Superf3st x DFresh Selects Vol. 2 — A Music NFT Mixtape

4 min readJun 28, 2022

Welcome to the 2nd Volume of Superf3st x DFresh Selects. The mix this week is formed from equal parts newer drops and equal tracks that were released in the not-so-distant past. Some of these tracks I own in my own wallet and some I don’t. This is all about highlighting interesting music and creators, no requirements on platforms or chain. In an ideal world, I’ll be using Editions, that way these are purchasable at the time of release. However, I will use a 1/1 on occasion if priced affordably and in an auction format.

This week brings us musicians from all over the globe, from all walks of life, and of all different styles. One of my favorite parts about doing this weekly is being able to highlight unique creators. As much as I look for great music, I really want to support interesting people in the space. I am listing the traclks without commentary because I want the art to speak for itself. If you have comments on any of these tracks, we would love to hear it. If you make a purchase, let us know!

If you have feedback for me, or would like to assist in the creation of this list, I am always open to collaborators. Please reach out via e-mail at or on twitter TheDfreshmaker

I’ve kept you waiting long enough…Onto the music!!

  1. Shark Anthony — Into the Metaverse

2. zidewayz — Fear the Dark

3. Ghost Train No Hero 1/1

4. Shxdw — Eggshells

5. Dragaan — Learning to Love You feat. omgkirby

6. Sayten89 — Behold

7. The Mecca — Money Never Sleeps

8. Mr.Swe — In The Darkness

9. Blk Orchid ft. SOS Dynamikz — Weekend Love Visualizer

10. Major WAV — Good Soul

11. Genzo and Kena Rose — Whatever