Does Click Bait Frustrate You?

Just need to have a cathartic moment to express my frustration at the ridiculous sensational headlines we seem to be bombarded with when reading the News… Apparently coffee consumption is going to overtake production resulting in global anarchy as we all suffer withdrawals and turn on each other during our commutes, clearly we won’t have the good sense to drink a bit more Tea (I like to call Depresso) which also has caffeine in it…

Yes there’s Fake news but then there’s the down right pointless headlines, so called clickbait, that are designed to grab your attention with sensational claims but simply lead to annoyance and frustration.

Oh, and don’t get me started on those ever present ‘did you have PPI or a mortgage between 1988 and 1997’ or ‘People don’t know about this trick…’ that pop up all over the place… they must think we were born yesterday, or more precisely between 1971 and 1994, who knows? (Content providers you know who you are…)

So, as I drink my coffee from Starbucks, who surprisingly were overflowing this morning with Coffee beans, I shall take a breath and ooh… ‘What Happens Next Will Surprise You?’. . . . . < click >