Elephant carpaccio has nothing to do with cruelty to elephants, it’s the process where software people practice and learn how to break user stories into thin vertical slices. It came from Elephant carpaccio Alistair Cockburn. I want to use the concept to challenge your thinking.

Should we as product managers be working with elephants? One of the many roles of product management can be described as creating elephant carpaccio; however, you’re still trying to eat an elephant, and I would argue most of us can’t realistically hope to eat an elephant… however big your business appetite.

A better approach to…

A three-part essay on the future of work in a post-COVID-19 World. Even before COVID-19 changed our working lives, for a long time the way the majority of companies work has been buckling under numerous pressures. For example, how many times have you felt your heart sink on opening your inbox and seeing all your productive time vanish until after lunch?

So with remote working the new normal for the foreseeable future, now more than ever, the way we work desperately needs to evolve to keep us on track and in doing so, boost our productivity. Businesses need new tools…

There’s been lots of talk recently, by pundits and thought-leaders about business transformational change being very different from more traditional types of change.

After nearly three years as a business transformation orchestrator, I concur with Michael Wade, James Macauley, Andy Noronha and Joel Barbier in their recent book, Orchestrating Transformation: How to Deliver Winning Performance with a Connected Approach to Change, that “the current environment and organization are too complex and fast-moving” for traditional change management approaches to work.

My experience is that what does work and takes a PMO to a higher plane is proactive orchestration supported by a…

It may seem like an idea out of left field, which it is, but there are solid reasons why ExxonMobil and Bandsintown should do a deal to leverage their respective digital ecosystems. It may seem like a weird match. ExxonMobil is a giant oil company. Bandsintown is a digital platform that matches fans with bands and DJs they know or might like.

However, they have elements that make them a good candidate for cross-platform integration. …

Everyone in business is talking about automation, especially with COVID-19 going on at the moment. However, there’s so much information regarding automation out there that it can seem overwhelming. This is why we’ve taken you on the Automation journey over the past few weeks, to break it down into understandable pieces.

In our first article, we discussed what automation is and how it works for various businesses and in particular, how it can work for you. However, the automation journey is fraught with perils. …

New rules, new challenges, ready for the unknown. Formula 1 has long been looked upon as an industry where the teams thrive or fail based on their ability to continuously identify and deliver the smallest of improvements in performance.

But there is an external force that acts as a leveller across the paddocks; every season the F1 governing body applies new rules and regulations that must be adhered to, from safety and design features to tyres and dimensions. So, no matter how big your budget is, you can only do so much to get one up on the other teams.

As we start to recover and survey the impact that lockdown has caused, most of us are focused on planning what next. For many industries, this will be a time of great challenge, but with any great challenge, there is opportunity for the brave and the agile.

This article outlines some methodical steps we can take to analyse, rank and coordinate a structured approach to the pursuit of strategic opportunities alongside an existing portfolio of work.

A strategic opportunity management methodology

The methodology outlined in this article is designed to help you analyse opportunities and then to grade them for…

In an effort to structure the largely uncharted arena of business ecosystem leadership challenges we identified twelve key issues executives need to be aware of. They represent, in no particular order, the essence of the numerous inputs we received from expert conversations, a mini think-tank, and the results of a global survey we conducted in 2019 at the Center for the Future of Organization at the Drucker School of Management (CFFO).

We summarized the 12 issues in our opening LinkedIn article in which we also suggest a working definition of the meanwhile ambiguous buzzword “ecosystem”. …

Recent CIF research suggested that hybrid cloud is very well established across organisations and is no longer the new paradigm. Multi-cloud is now the biggest growth area for many organisations as they have now come to terms with hybrid cloud models.

Hybrid cloud is a concept that has been in mainstream use for many years now but has invariably referred to organisations adopting an approach of blending public (hyperscale) cloud technology with an on-premise or Service Provider cloud. It does not typically refer to organisations adopting multiple public cloud solutions.

However, the traditional ‘hybrid approach’ is changing with organisations increasingly…

Before embarking on this intellectual article, I must make an important premise for everyone who will read it. Inside, a nonprofit company will be mentioned that will help me throughout my study.

Obviously, the quotes were not made for advertising purposes or personal acknowledgements, but only in order to be able to explain, what can be done in the “Digital” sphere in undeveloped countries.

I would also like to reiterate that, like the company mentioned, there are other companies on the market that are equally committed to this problem.

Part 1

Every year, 9 million children die before their fifth…

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