Never A Bridesmaid
Ester Bloom

Same here! Almost 31 and have NEVER been a bridesmaid. I was asked once, but that friend ended up eloping.

I didn’t really want a wedding party so we just stuck to our siblings when we got married. But I did have three close friends who would have been bridesmaids, had we done that, so I made sure to have some extra time with them: went to visit the out of-towners for fun weekends, had the ones in-town join me for dress fittings (they really wanted to come so I promise I didn’t force them!)), invited all of them for a wedding-day breakfast at my house day-of, etc. I felt that was a good way to honor their friendships without making them buy a dress/spend money on additional travel/etc.

Husband did the same thing: he really wanted a bachelor party in Vegas (he loves to gamble) so we picked a date, and basically any of his guy friends who wanted to come did come, and for everyone else, there were no hard feelings.

Most of my close friends were either already married when I met them, not really the big wedding types, or not really the marrying types, so I think my chances are slipping out the door…

I have a sister but she has never seriously dated anyone. Presumably should she get married, I’d be a bridesmaid? I have to admit I really want to be a bridesmaid, at least once, even though I have heard tons and tons of (mostly hilarious) horror stories from friends and coworkers.

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