Remembering the Radio Revolution

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“Sorry, this isn’t a match.”

“No, I like radio just as it is.”

“I’m not a believer in streaming audio.”

“I’m a pass.”

This was what we heard, in one form or another, 43 times by the spring of 1997 after attempting to raise funding for TheDJ, the first Internet radio service.

But first let’s go back in time, and to the real reason for me publishing my first Medium post on April 5th, 2016:

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Twenty years ago today, on April 5th, 1996, received the Cool Site of the Day award (Josh Felser joined as a co-founder and President in 1997; TheDJ would relaunch in 1998 as Spinner and go on to acquisition by AOL in 1999). TheDJ had launched just a few days earlier, yet winning the CSotD really put us on the map. Back then, it was like being featured on …

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