Create a Plan for the New Year to Stick by

Stop making

One one of the main reasons people seem to fail is literally because they give up. It usually has nothing to do with talent, or the product you’re selling, or even your skills- they might have an effect on your results but none of them will ever be great enough to defeat your will. Persistence is key. Persistence is key. Persistence is key.

People LOVE to make New Years failure goals. Why do I call them that? Because most people create New Years resolutions they know they won’t be able to accomplish. It’s not that they can’t, it’s that subconsciously we are aware New Years resolutions are a joke so subconsciously we treat it as one.

Instead of making “New Years Resolutions,” Create a plan, or a schedule for the new year.

And yes, I mean the entire year. Not just the first part. People act like a year out is a long time so they shouldn’t have to worry about it. That’s dumb, you should ALWAYS know where your going to be at any time. You should know where you’ll be in 5 years from now the same way you know where you’ll be tomorrow. That’s why you plan it out- add it to your schedule.

You alway make it to your appointments.

If you have to be somewhere tomorrow, chances are you’ll be there. What makes that different than any certain goals or actions you might have? If your goal (like me) is to tour the country, they you need to plan out each date- NOW, before everywhere is booked. Bands and artists typically book the entire year before it even starts. If you want to schedule 3 times a week to work out- schedule out those times/days!! Don’t let ANYTHING stop you from missing those appointments.

Instead of making New Years Resolutions, add rose goals to your schedule. Appoint a time and date to attaining that goal, just like a boss appoints a day and time to an employee for their goals. Same thing- just do it for yourself!

Hope that makes sense, if you have any questions, hit me up on Twitter @TheDopestMatrix